2019   Taiwan

Sun Yat Sen Art Gallery Artwork  逸仙藝廊選賞

National Palace Museum    故宮博物院選賞

Sun Yat Sen Art Gallery Artwork  逸仙藝廊選賞
National Palace Museum    故宮博物院選賞

2017   Quebec City  , Canada  
Quebec Fine Arts Museum

2018   Burnaby , Canada

Barnet Marine Park Bench

2017   London,   UK

British Museum

Royal Observatory

Royal Observatory

Maritime Museum

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2015  Budapest     &   Vancouver
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Budepest Museum Artwork

2012  Shanghai,  China
Fair amount of text, better experience to view album photo by photo
2010 Shanghai Fine Arts Museum  情繫神州 和闐雕玉 新疆美術 Shanghai Fine Arts
博物選賞 雕塑字畫 Shanghai Museum
2010 Shanghai Museum

Prague Narodni Museum
 2011 Prague National Museum
Austria Imperial Treasures & Museums
2011 Vienna Imperial Treasures & Museums
Muzium Negara & Theme Exhibit 大馬博物館主題展覽Malaysia
Muzium Negara & Theme Exhibit 大馬博物館主題展覽

2011  China
廣穗 佛山 銅鑄 Bronze Art Pieces - Guangzhou Fosan


2010   China

Hunan Changsha Museum - Mawangdui Han Tomb
Hubei Wuhan Museum - tomb of Marquis Zeng  湖北省武漢博物馆曾侯乙墓
Hubei Wuhan Museum - Tomb of Marquis Zeng
JingDeZhen Arts 名瓷景德
Jiangxi Jing De Zhen Ceramic Pottery

Selected  Chinese  New  Year  Animated  Paintings

Dragon Scroll

Horse Painting

Goat Painting

Gibbon Scroll
10 Fine Hounds Painting  郎世寧 駿犬圖十幅
10 fine Hounds

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