2010     Christmas    -    Canada
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Album : Panorama Ski Resort, Invermere
Province of B. C.

Album: Calgary
Province of Alberta

Peter Pan Downhill Ski-ing Video :   V1    V2    V3    V4

House Supper :  V1

Big People  Ski-ing Video : V1   V2   V3   V4   V5   V6   V7

Singing :  V1

Scarf Dance Video : V1
Movement:  V1

Open Sleigh : V1
Bowling ﹔   V1   V2   V3

Santa Claus Arrives, with gifts :   V1
Merry Go Round:    V1

He leaves :    V2

Fun with  Snow :  V1

Christmas Carol :  V1   V2   V3   

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